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Share some humor about the activities you enjoy. Bring some fun and smiles to your next club, meeting, or sporting event. Again, these jokes are very corny, but if the subject matter fits, then pass along the humor so everyone can have a good groan.

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Quilting corny jokes

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Share these quilting corny jokes with your quilting group. They are original jokes that incorporate very aspect of quilting, from the patterns to the material. Give your friends something to smile about on those long winter days.

Why is a good horse pattern fabric hard to find?

The material BOLTS


Flowers corny jokes

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Flowers brighten up any day. They bring smiles and cheer – just like our corny jokes. But unlike flowers, these jokes never wilt away. Carnations, sweet peas, mums, and daffodils are all included in the bouquet of corny jokes. It was also among the first batch of corny joke books Susan wrote. It was used as a table favor at a church luncheon.

What type of flower would you give a saxophone player?



Dog corny jokes

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Dogs are great. They love us flaws and all. Woof Woof, Bow Wow. Whatever the language, these corny dog jokes are sure to make you smile. You can even share the humor with your dog because they won’t even whine about how bad the jokes are.

What is the worst thing about a new dog?

The pup-PEE


Cat corny jokes

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Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Go find your cat and give her a nice little treat. Then once she is settled down in your lap you can relax and enjoy these corny jokes. The cat won’t mind that the jokes are corny, and if you actually enjoy them the cat won’t tell people about that either.

What did the cat say when he let the mouse get away?




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Let your humor out of the stable with this funny book. It has enough horse power to make you smile, especially the humor section that wonders why horses did not claim the title of man’s best friend. Share the humor with  your colts, fillies, and even your favorite old grey mare.

What do you call a pony with a sore throat?

A little HOARSE


Swimming-pool corny jokes

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Great for pool parties, the beach, or even just a sunny day in your own back yard. 

Swimming pools are made for fun in the sun. Why not bring the smiles to your next pool and share a corny joke on a beautiful sunny day. You could even share the jokes with a lifeguard, at the beach, or with your kids as you nag them about not running on the deck. Enjoy the humor and dive right in to the humor. Dont’ forget the sunscreen.

What is the one kind of fruit you should always serve at a pool party?

Why WATERMELON of course


Motorcycle corny jokes

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Enjoy the thrill of the open road, and enjoy the freedom to move through traffic. But please wear your helmet and be safe. Motorcycle corny jokes was written for a friend who was having a birthday. That year it was not just the birthday boy that got a present. Everyone at the party went home with a pocket full of smiles.

Why are motorcycles no good for hauling junk?

Because they are too (2) TIRED 


Wine corny jokes

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Red wine, white wine, port, or champagne. You are sure to find a corny joke to satisfy any taste. Wine makes people silly so it’s a good excuse to tell a corny joke at your next gathering. People will either smile and think you are really witty, or they may think you had too much to drink. At least you will have given them something to whine about.

What is the best type of wine stopper?

A hangover


Boats corny jokes

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Fishing boats, sailboats, yachts and captain – there is a sea of corny jokes for you to enjoy. Boats are made for relaxing with family and friends. So the next time you are out enjoying a day on the water, try to remember a few of these corny jokes. Heck you have a captive audience so go ahead and tell every joke you know.

What do you call a person who is afraid of small boats?

A little DINGY


Horserace jokes and humor

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Spa corny jokes

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Golf corny jokes

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