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Corny Jokes for teachers, students, schools, and anyone in education

The colors corny joke is one of my favorites, but math jokes is fun too. Adds some humor to your classroom or send a book to your favorite student. All books Available at Amazon.

colors corny jokes

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This corny joke book covers all the colors of the rainbow so you are sure to find a shade that will make you smile. This book is very basic, however the answers are harder to figure out than you might think. Great for kids and grandparents to share, and one of Susan’s favorite books.

What color would you call someone stranded on an island?



Math corny jokes

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The mathematical equation for this ebooks is simple. Joke + Answer = Smile

Some people struggle with math, others just seem to have a head for numbers. For the rest of us, we use a calculator. No matter if math is your friend or foe, you will enjoy these educational corny jokes. And the smiles must really add up with this one because it is one of our best sellers on Amazon.

Why is math the most difficult class in school?

Because it is full of PROBLEMS


Numbers corny jokes

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This Numbers corny joke book is simple yet complex at the same time. The humor is kind of educational and great for kids. Grandparents like to both give and receive this book. Makes a great gift for a favorite teacher.

How come number eleven never gets lunch?

Because it can’t make it to afterNOON


College corny jokes

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These college and university jokes are clean but very corny and a few of the jokes are really quite cleaver. We’ve cover educational topics like libraries, professors, lectures, and fee hikes, plus we threw in a joke about a fraternity just because you have to have a bit of fun too.

How does going to college help you get a job?

It’s all about HIRE education


California corny jokes

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California, Fun in the sun with an occasional earthquake thrown in. It is a big state, but we cover a lot of territory. There are corny jokes about everything from Hollywood and the sunny beach lifestyle in Southern California to the laid back Northern California times of the gold rush. And don’t forget the wineries. California is just like this website, something for everyone.

How do California surfers dudes say “good-bye”?

They just WAVE


Alaska corny jokes

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These Alaska jokes are more than just humor about cold weather. We cover the wildlife, travel, cities, and other qualities unique to Alaska. And if you are wondering why Susan wrote a corny joke book about Alaska, let’s just say there was a female political figure popular at the time. Go ahead and share a few jokes with your fellow travelers. You may need the humor on the long journey getting to your travel adventure destination.

What do people always say when they talk about their trip to Alaska?

I was WILD!


accounting corny jokes

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Engineering corny jokes

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