Holiday & Celebrations

Holidays, celebrations, and special occasions

Celebrate with a smile and share the fun corny jokes at your next gathering. Or you could even send a book as a get well, cheer up, congratulations, or thinking of you gift.

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Santa claus, reindeer, elves, and Christmas trees are what this corny joke books is made of . If you want a more generic seasons greeting joke books try the Holiday Corny jokes. The jokes in both books are good, the only difference is this one uses the word Christmas, the Holiday book does not. We offer something for everyone to smile about. Ho Ho Ho!

Why did Mrs. Claus insist Santa take an umbrella?

Because of the rain, dear


Baby corny jokes

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Babies requires so much stuff, that is why we have baby showers. And since you are obligated to play the games, you might as well tell a few corny baby joke as well. Share the humor with the mother to be.

What do you call the first time a baby sleeps the whole night?

An ULTRA sound


wedding corny jokes

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Bride, Groom, flowers, ring bearer, flower girl, wedding reception and honeymoon. We’ve got a corny joke for every area of a wedding. Perfect if you are a wedding planner or involved with all of the people it takes to celebrate the special day.

What do you get when a couple gets married on December 25?

A MARRY Christmas


Halloween corny jokes

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Halloween is such a crazy time. You have scary monsters and ballerinas all roaming the streets in search of candy. Why not share a calorie free corny joke with the trick or treaters that come begging at your door. The jokes are scary enough to make a monster groan.

How do you fix a mistake carving a pumpkin?

Take it to a pumpkin PATCH


Holiday Corny Jokes

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This holiday corny joke books is all about the joy of the season. It has corny jokes everyone can enjoy. If you want santa claus, reindeer, and a bit of Christmas cheer, you’ll want our Christmas Corny joke book. Oh heck, splurge and buy them both. Or send them as an email gift using Amazon.

What is the best way to wrap your father’s holiday gift?

With a bow TIE


Valentine corny jokes

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Hearts, roses and chocolates are all part of the Valentine’s Day celebration. But this year why not  add humor to the day and make your sweetheart smile with these super corny jokes.

Why was the drummer passionate about love songs?

Because they are CYMBALS of love



Thanksgiving corny jokes

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Thanksgiving is full of family, friends and food so enjoy the turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. Then wait until everyone is too full to move from the table. That is when you will have a captive audience ready to hear your corny jokes. Just don’t tell every joke you know all at once.

Eat, Drink, Smile. That sounds like a good Thanksgiving to me.

Why do people go crazy over pies at Thanksgiving?

Because they will be dealing with FRUITCAKES at Christmas


Swimming-pool corny jokes

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Medical corny jokes

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Retirement corny jokes

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Wine corny jokes

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