Add humor to your work day with our business corny jokes

Who said businesses can’t have a bit of fun. And yes the jokes are corny, but what the heck, if just one of the jokes makes your client or coworker smile, then the book was worth it.

Did you know you can send these books a gifts?


Financial-Consulting corny jokes

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Money, it’s such a complicated subject but there is nothing complex about these financial wealth jokes. High interest, good investments, stocks that go up, tax refunds, and corny jokes all make people smile. But when you are a financial consultant, you aren’t always guaranteed a positive return. Hey that’s like these jokes – Sometimes they are a hit and sometime they take a dive.

What do you do when someone finally becomes debt free?

Give them a little CREDIT


Sales-Consulting corny jokes

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Okay so our jokes are corny, but cup holders sell cars and geckos sell insurance. Why can’t a bad joke help you get a good lead! The original humor was written specifically for sales consultants and business coaches and anything that helps your customers smile goes along way to increasing the bottom line.

What is the best way to  get a business prospect to say “yes”?

It all starts with KNOW


HR corny jokes

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Is a smile considered a human resource? Employees are a huge resource to any business, but it take a lot to get everyone working together. No matter how good a benefit package you offer, employees come and go. Hiring and firing is all part of the business cycle. So the next time you have a bad day, take a moment to chuckle over one of our corny human resource jokes. It just might take the bite out of a COBRA policy gone bad.

What should HR do in a wrongful termination?
They should check their FIRE protection


Parking corny jokes

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Yes, jokes about parking! But do you know how many parking lots, parking structures, and valets there are? Try to remember at least one joke so you can give the valet a funny tip along with the cash. Or when you are leaving the parking structure, tell a joke to the attendant so you leave them with something to smile about.

Is there a difference between a parking meter and a parking structure?

Yeah, a LOT


accounting corny jokes

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Keeping the books in orders is a very important job. Invoices, statements, spreadsheets, cash flow – it is enough to keep an accountant booked up for weeks. Paperwork is just one of those things that has to be done. It’s an important part of any business and thank goodness there are people who enjoy working with figures, because for many, accounting is nothing to smile about.

Why were some people born with a talent for numbers and figures?
It must have been their FORMULA


Sales-Consulting corny jokes

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One of our favorite books!

When it comes to packaging and mail room humor, we have the subject all wrapped up. These corny jokes may be for the shipping and receiving department, but they are so simple anyone can enjoy the humor. When it comes to smiles, this book delivers.

What type of paper does the aerospace industry prefer?
PLANE wrap


Engineering corny jokes

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Blueprints, sewer systems, bridges, and buildings, are all subjects we covered while building this corny joke book. A business owner friend was looking for something different to give his clients, so Susan got to work constructing a fun book about engineering and the construction industry.  The books were sent out with the Christmas cards to add a bit of humor and holiday cheer. Some people smiled, others groaned, but it was a gift that would be remembered for years to come. Even engineers need something so smile about one in a while.

Why did the project for the bridge fall apart?
Because it had no SUPPORT


Medical corny jokes

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Business corny jokes

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Real Estate corny jokes and humor

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