Susan Sherbert

S.L. Sherbert

“I enjoy writing because my amusing style really does seem to make people smile, and to me, that is the biggest accomplishment of all”

Susan started her writing career with a book about short sheeting a bed. 4,000 copies were sold to a national linen chain. Next came her silver award-winning newsletter of absolutely no importance. She wrote the column for over 12 years and each issue contained a few corny jokes.

With years of jokes, she decided to put them into fun little books to share and that is how corny joke books came to be. Actually it’s a lot more complicated then that. The books were sold as promotional product give aways, but distribution was a problem. Then the books were used as social media give away gifts, but when Amazon ebooks came along –  it became the a perfect fit for her large collections of bad jokes.

Currently she is spending her time promotion her new book “Grown-ups Don’t Skip – a guide to rediscovering the FUN of youth.”

Want to know even more? Here is the long about version – but you are warned that it starts with her childhood.

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